Functional Capability Analysis Example

Wanting to improve on how a function, such as Human Resources (HR), performs requires one to analyse the difference between your expectations for the function, the norm in the marketplace for that kind of function and of course reality. The resource I am sharing today helps you look at various functions/departments at a location/office and compare the reality vs what you expect to see. This knowledge or insight helps you plan your approach going forward.

What you expect from a function could be a mixture of what you know is considered “normal” service delivery and capability for that function at that particular location and it would also contain operational expectations based on your strategy. For example: you may have a strategy to gain more marketshare by applying your IT department in different ways to support R&D and that means your expectation for the service delivery and capability of the IT function may be higher than what is considered “normal” in the marketplace for the location where you are at.

Functional Capability Plotting is an excel spreadsheet which helps you rate existing functions at a location against expectations for capability and service delivery. You may also wish to split those two topics into two different graphs in case you feel that there may be differences in your ratings. (The graph is generated automatically when you have filled in the scores in the yellow and orange cells)

Functional Capability Plotting  resource link

When you have completed the analysis portion using the attached resource, consider this: what do you need to Stabilize in the next year? [situations that are fluctuating/not stable or actually currently meeting expectations so do not make any further changes just maintain status quo]. What do you need to Improve and Develop? What do you need to leverage and incorporate in your value propositions going forward? [Where are you currently doing better than customers know and/or you are far better than the norm and it is giving you a previously unknown edge?]

Knowing the capability and service delivery for each of the functions at your location can help you map out operational and organizational development priorities when you review how important these functions are to achieving your strategic goals. Any changes you need to make to up-skill a function or change the mindset or management approach in a function can be documented by using an Action Plan. (The Action Plan shared in this post can help with that).

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