Steps to creating a life you love

When someone wants to change something about his or her life or create new outcomes in key areas, they often need more than just someone telling them to create goals and then implement it. Most people seem to need the steps more clearly spelled out and a workbook or playbook is something they really appreciate. 
The steps can be broken down in this way, shown below. You can also download a workbook from this LINK which goes to a googledrive where the document can be downloaded for free.

Step 1:

Understand the process:

202005 step1 howto

Step 2:

What matters to you?

Being clear on what matters to you, makes it easier to understand WHY you would want more of some things in your life and less of other things. While most people think they know the answers to these questions, you will notice how much clearer it gets when you have to write it down and then read it back to yourself. 

202005 step2 myvalues

Step 3:

Do I have time for this?

Most of us could have more time to work on projects that matter to us if we simply started eliminating activities that do not add value to our lives – based on what is important to us. The next two sheets first of all helps to highlight how you spend your weeks (typically) and then helps you identify how much time you could free up for working on activities to gets you closer to a life that would matter to you and which you could love.

202005 step3a mytime

202005 step3b mytime

Step 4:

What I would like to achieve

This sheet starts with jotting down new outcomes that one would like to see in some key areas and then to the right planning on which months of the year (if that matters) one plans to work on each area. The objective would be to avoid having competing priorities among improvement projects. Spacing them out over a year period helps to ensure you keep your focus while making progress in the most important areas over a 12-month period. Note that it is almost always a good idea to pick only maybe two or three projects to work on every month to avoid overload which leads to feeling demotivated.

202005 step4 mygoals

Step 5: 

How will I move forward?

This step gets into more detail. There is an area to select what the next step may be for each of the projects you want to work on – is it more information you need or do you need to reach out to people to sell to or learn from? Or is it time to build a prototype of your idea and try it out? The page continues with identifying whom you know who could help with advice or possibly introduce you to someone who could help you. And then finally identifying where you need to do some research to find out more about what you could explore next and which organizations in your area may be able to help you move forward. 

202005 step5 mypath

Step 6:

What is my plan for the next few months?

Looking at what needs to be investigated or done over the next few months, this sheet provides a space to keep track of the top 2 or 3 things you would like to achieve this month to move forward on the projects you have picked for the next few months. There is also a handy check-box which helps you keep track of completed activities versus ones that are still open.

202005 Step6 MyPlan

Step 7:

How am I doing?

Sometimes we start on the path of working on life improvement projects and then we get stuck. There are many reasons why we might get stuck but getting unstuck is not always easy. This sheet helps you do that. Taking you from your original objectives, this sheet helps you acknowledge how far you got and what you have completed. Then it helps you think through what the next steps would be to continue making proglress and to recognize if you need to stop to ask for advice or get more information in order to move forward. 

202005 Step7 MyProgress

Step 8:

Go back to step 2 and renew your plans

When you have worked through the sheets and some months have passed it is a good idea to go back and review the reasons you are working on the projects – which are captured in step 2. And then follow through each of your completed sheets to see what would you want to change or add to your planning to renew your approach. Some projects end up unfinished because they seem less important once you have taken more time to do research and talk to people with more knowledge in an area. It is okay to decide to abandon those projects – if they do not matter to you anymore. 

Other new projects may be started while a few may continue from your earlier efforts and enter new phases – maybe you are ready to finalize a website or start selling something you have been meaning to put on the market. 

I hope these workbook/playbook pages have given you new enthusiasm to plan out and move forward on creating more outcomes in your life that matter to you resulting in having a life that you love! 


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