About the Author

Jo-Ann Garbutt

What I bring to people and groups that I work with….

  • Compassion and a genuine interest to be helpful
  • Creativity in coming up with new solutions or improving existing ones
  • Catalyst, helping others move forward towards their own goals and objectives

Over the years I have been blessed to work with smart and gifted people and they have shared ideas and resources with me to help me achieve my goals. This is my way of giving back and helping others. Some resources are not so easy to find or if you did find it, it is tough to know how to use the tools that may be available.

I am sharing what I have in my vast number of storage folders and adding some tips and comments to make it easier to interpret and use the tools and resources. To view and obtain your own copy of the shared resource, simply download them by clicking on the nearby button. Please feel free to comment or ask questions if anything is not immediately obvious once you have reviewed the post and the free tools, resources, or examples shared.

Those who will most likely benefit from these postings may include HR Practitioners, Trainers, Coaches, Organization Development enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to develop him or herself and/or his/her teams.

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