Job Applicant Interview Record

One of the toughest things to do is compare multiple job applicants after the interviews you had with them. In principle it seems simple, but there are several articles detailing how various forms of bias can creep into your comparisons and impressions of a job applicant. For example… most people tend to like more and therefore hire people who are more like they are. And it is also true that we often have a “feeling” of whether we like someone or not within the first 5 minutes of the interview. Trying to ignore these unconscious biases or whether you liked the candidate or not is tough to do without more structure around capturing your interview results.

The template is a way for you to be more focused on data gathering during the interview process. Do not try to make the decision about whether or not to hire a person during the interview. Just focus on gathering data. A structured interview record can go a long way towards helping you do just that.

To customize the template for your particular vacancy look at the first column and compare it with the job profile – what do you really need this person to be good at and have proven experience in? Capture those areas in the first column. Ask all of the job applicants the same questions and rate their answers in the second column – or during the interview or just after the interview to ensure the responses are still clear in your mind.

Job Applicant Interview Record TEMPLATE


  • If you don’t have enough time to cover all of the job profile areas that you would like to gather data on, consult with other interviewers and suggest that perhaps they start at the bottom of the page and work their way upwards.
  • Have all interviewers use the same interview record sheet to ensure a consistent process of gathering data in specific critical job performance areas for the vacancy you have.
  • When you are ready to evaluate the job applicants based on interview results be sure to look at the written scores and do not be tempted into changing scores during the discussion. The objective is not to make any interviewer’s scores “wrong” or “right” but to understand why any interviewers found some responses less credible in critical areas.
  • If you truly want to move away from any possible biases consider using an approach of having a Hiring Manager only specify the critical job performance areas which is then captured in the job profile. Then have a different manager (or groups of managers) interview and select the job applicant to hire for the vacancy. 🙂

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