Exercise – Scavenger Hunt Template

It often happens that a manager turns to the HR or Training representative to request a team activity or team building exercise. These are sometimes one segment of a meeting that is being held or they could be standalone events to help a team or group of people perform better in future as a result of some shared experience where they learned something about themselves and/or the group as a team.

A Scavenger hunt is a fun team-based activity that can last from one hour to maybe 2 hours – be sure you don’t overload the teams. They should be able to complete the exercise within the given time period. The size of the teams working on the list matters too. A group of 3 to 4 people will typically take longer to complete the exercise than a team of maybe 5 or 6 people. I would say larger than 6 is too large for this activity. Consider more groups with fewer people. The idea is for teams to answer the questions and go to various locations to find answers to the questions listed on their worksheets. The team who can do this the fastest wins.

This template gives you an idea of how to construct a Scavenger Hunt activity.

You need: 

  1. The instructions to share with the participants – any rules and also organizationally how long should they work on the exercise; where should they meet at a specific time even if they were unable to complete the exercise etc.
  2. The answer sheet for when teams return from their quest (scavenger hunt) with answers and objects collected. You use this to score their answers and check that they have indeed collected all of the items specified.
  3. The sheet for teams to use in order to know what to collect and bring back and which answers they should find before their return.

The area where you will allow the teams to compete by looking for answers and objects depend on the location where the session will be held – make sure your questions on the sheet relate to this area. It is also important to indicate to teams the limits of the area where they should look for answers.

The template I am sharing contains all three elements listed above on different pages.

Scavenger Hunt Exercise Template

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