New Employee Survey Template

new survey

A New Employee survey is a great way to gather input in a structured way; answering the question : How successful is your on-boarding process from the perspective of the newly hired person?

You should of course use the template I am sharing mainly as a guideline. I am sure you can think of items you would like to add or change or remove. The objective of the survey is to capture data over time to see if the changes you are making to improve on-boarding is gradually increasing the scores and yielding more positive responses going forward. If you track more than one location you can also compare the results to understand if there are any location-based differences in new employee experiences and how you can ensure a consistently great on-boarding process across all locations.

New Employee Survey

Most of the time I see these kinds of surveys run on services like  If you find it too daunting to setup such a survey online, use a paper copy of the New Employee Survey. The important part is to gather the data you need to enable decision-making and identify improvement actions to take around your on-boarding process.


  • Don’t make the survey very long or you will risk lower response rates, questions skipped or repeated answers.
  • Watch out for questions that seem similar which frustrates survey respondents.
  • Make sure you are asking questions which would generate answers that can be actioned. For example I advise against asking “Did you feel good on your 1st day at the office?” If the survey respondent answered “no” you would have limited ability to impact the responses from future new employees.
  • Do take the time at least once per quarter (or shorter time periods if you are hiring several people) to review, analyze and summarize the results obtained from the New Employee Surveys. That way you can be sure you are able to spot trends and identify specific focus areas for you and your HR/Learning and Development teams to address and improve upon going forward.

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