New Employee On-boarding Checklist Template

At the end of a successful recruitment process  you typically have an accepted job offer by a job candidate with the right skills, mindset and experience. That is when you should start the first activities related to successfully on-boarding the new hire into your company. You have to ensure that you stay in touch with the new hire until he or she arrives at your location on the first day of employment and you must make sure that the on-boarding program goes well from the perspective of the employee and the Hiring Manager. A successful on-boarding process ensures that a new employee is able to deliver top performance (creating value) as fast as possible.

People centered HR Processes MODEL

The first day often includes the completion of forms and introducing the new employee to his or her surroundings and colleagues. And these activities may continue for several more days where introductions may include representatives from suppliers, partners and customer organizations. The first few experiences of the new employee also typically includes the handover of equipment that is to be used to perform the duties and tasks assigned to the new hire. This could include a desktop or laptop, maybe a mobile phone and any other items that are important for the role he or she would fulfill. Coordinating all of these activities and documenting the on-boarding plan is often the responsibility of HR.

New Hire On-boarding Checklist Template

This template helps you to keep track of all of the information to be shared, documents to be signed or handed over and introductions that should take place for a specific new hire. On-boarding for sales people may be different than on-boarding for a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who may work in R&D. A new sales person may have more customer meetings included while the R&D person may need to be introduced to lab procedures etc. Customize the list as needed to ensure it is right for the new employee  you are bringing into your company or group.

I would say the signing off by the manager and new employee is optional – depends on your company culture and how you would prefer to run things at your office. The important part is THAT you have a structured process to bring someone new into the company and that this process is run in a consistent manner. That way you can be sure that each new employee has received all of the support needed to as quickly as possible understand the way things are done at your company and who to talk to about specific topics and ideas. This is a vital part of ensuring the newly hired employee gets to the top of their performance potential in the shortest possible time period and feel welcome – engaged – from day 1.

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