Evaluate balance in life TEMPLATE

Some coaches I have met like to use a tool to help someone they coach look at his or her own life and how they are running their lives from a big picture perspective as opposed to just focusing on one specific aspect of someone’s life like their career success. A coach typically uses a tool like this one to help someone work on their values and how those priorities show up in their life choices or as a check-up maybe once a year to see how things are going in terms of having a balanced life. People dealing with signs of burn-out may also benefit from using this kind of tool with their coach to see where their lives may not be balanced or may not be a good reflection of their values or the aspects that they say are their highest priorities.

Evaluate Life tool resource link

The Evaluate Life tool can help facilitate the evaluation of one’s “life set-up” and discussions around having a balanced life – the importance thereof and how to achieve it through specific goal-setting in each area (named pizza-slices in the attachment). Sometimes people tell me that a specific area is not important to them and this may be best explored by their coaches. In my opinion a tool like this is most valuable to help create awareness around the importance of having a balanced life and to support subsequent goal-setting for improving specific areas of a life.

Interpreting the results from this kind of tool is best done with someone who has experience in this area – like a coach or a trained mentor or even someone with the right experience and background within the HR or Learning and Development departments.

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