Negotiation Preparation Worksheet


arm wrestleNegotiation skills is something that most people can always improve upon. There are several training vendors who offer training and coaching solutions in this regard and each of them offer their own tools and tips to further development. The resource that I am sharing is more generic – it has evolved from own notes taken during several training classes and has been modified and added to over the years.

The Negotiation Preparation Worksheet can help both experienced and new negotiators to organize their thoughts and prepare for a negotiation. Having your notes available during the negotiation discussions can help keep you focused and help you avoid distractions and knee-jerk reactions during crucial moments and stages of the discussion. The resource is shared in a format that is easy to modify/improve so feel free to add your own additional considerations to support your own planning process.

The Negotiation Preparation Worksheet resource link.


  • Preparing for actual negotiations.
  • In training sessions to train participants on how to prepare and demonstrate the importance of this planning during a role-play later.
  • Prepare for discussion with supervisor/manager on salary increase.
  • Document your thinking going into a negotiation to support a post-negotiation lessons-learned reflection later which can help you and your team to continuously improve upon your past performances.

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